Program Profiles

Person-centered planning is an important element of this program, which serves people diagnosed with severe or moderate developmental disabilities. The program focuses on individual client choices and strengths to direct its services. The program encompasses all phases of training, including: [more]
Toward Independence Program Self-advocacy and independent living skills are important components of this program, which serves people with mild developmental disabilities. The program promotes personal behaviors and skills that allow clients extensive integration into the community. The prog [more]
Specialized Teaching & Readiness Training Achieving as much independence as possible is the emphasis for this program, which serves people with severe and profound developmental disabilities. The program offers a broad spectrum of training to both ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients and a [more]
Developmentally disabled people over age 55 who may no longer wish to work and who consider themselves retired are eligible for this program. Additionally, clients who require a slower pace of activity, but are younger than 55, may be eligible. Components of the program include: Sociali [more]

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